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Myanmar Addresses around the world

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Thailand (AIT)
Name Post Field E-mail Web
Daw Myint Myint Thein Asst. Prof. CLET ====
U Tin Than Staff WWF ====
U Myo San Staff STAR ====
U Tun Kyaw Staff PP ====
U Soe Win Myint Staff UNEP/EAP-AP ====
Daw Khin Yu Yu Win Staff Outreach ====
U Tun Naing Staff EPSM ====
U Tin Aung Soe Staff RCC ====
Daw Kay Zin Wint Staff CEC ====
Daw Hla Hla Staff Outreach ====
Daw Cynthia Staff Registry ====
Daw Myat Htay Kyi Staff HSD ====
Ma Htet Htet Wunn Staff RCC Htet
Daw Ye Ye Swe Staff GenDev ====
U Myat Myo Aung Staff GTE ====
U Khaing Min Wai Staff ISE ====
Daw Marlar Thein Han Staff Finance Dept. ====
Daw Su Su Win Staff/Ph.d BPT ====
Daw Naing Naing Win Staff/Ph.d BPT ====
U Ye Tun Staff/Master AFE Ye Tun
Daw Nwe Ni Win Staff/Master RCC ====
Ko San Kyu Student SCE ====
Ko Myint Swe Student SOM Swe
Ko Lay Naing Student SCE ====
Ko Moe Kyaw Aung Student SOM ====
Ma Cho Cho Thin Kyi Student WRE ====
Ma Thin Thin Aung Student WRE ====
Ma Aye Aye Myint Student SCE ====
Ma Aye Mon Mon Shein Student SCE ====
Ko Tin Aung Moe Student STAR GoldenForester
Ko Naing Win Oo Student EPSM Naing
Ko Win Htut Student EE Htut
Ko Thar Naing Student BPT ====
Ko Kyaw Nyein Aye Student BPT Kyaw
Ko Tin Win Student EE ====
Ko Nay Myo Oo Student ET ====
Ko Naing Aye Student ET ====
Ma Thi Thi Nge Student BPT ====
Ma Shwe Shwe Sein Latt Student STAR ====
Ma Yu Lay Sein Student UEM ====
Ko Zay Yar Thin Student TC ====
Ko Thet Tun Oo Student TC ====
Ko Kyaw Kyaw Aung Student TC ====
Ko Kyaw Moe Lay Student CS ====
Ma Kyawt Kyawt Khaing Student CS ====
Ma Cho Thanda Lwin Student IM ====
Ma Thazin Zaw Win Student IM ====
Ma Kay Thi Swe Student SOM ====
Ma Moe Phy Mar Aung Student SOM ====
Ma Hnin Nwe Win Student SOM ====
Ko Kyaw Kyaw Lwin Student SCE ====
Ko Tun Lwin Student GTE ====
Ko Win Lwin Kyaw Student SCE ====
Ko Kyaw Win Oo Student GTE ====
Ma Pa Pa Win Student SCE ====
Ma Aye Thandar Kyaw Student SCE ====
Ko Saw Hla Aye Student GTE ====
Ko Zaw Min Aye Student GTE ====
Ko Zaw Win Myint Student GTE ====
Khin Ma Ma Lay Student GTE ====
Mi Thandar Mon Student TRA ====
Ko Aung Myaing Student EPSM ====
Ko San Hein Student BPT ====
Ko Htin Aung Kyaw Student AQUA ====
Ko San Shwe Hla Student ET ====
Ko Min Htut Yin Student HSD ====
Ko Hlaing Myint Student UEM ====
Ko Mg Mg Than Student NRC ====
Ma May Thin Zar Han Student UEM ====
Ma Naw Wah Wah Htoo Student EEP ====
Ma Khin Sandar Win Student EPSM ====
Ma Khin Mar Cho Student AFE ====
Ma Yin Latt Phyu Student EE ====
Ma Than Khin Student EE ====
Ma Aye Aye Mon Student PPT ====
Ma Thida Swe Student PPT ====
Here are lists of staff, students and alumni at A.I.T.

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